Seniors@Work has been nominated for the Prix BÂLEence launched by Another milestone in the rise of our innovative start-up company for the benefit of senior citizens. I warmly congratulate you, because even a nomination is a big step.

I write about innovation. But what does that mean? Innovation, in a general sense, refers to "the (complex) innovations that accompany technical, social and economic change in the economic sciences."

Innovation is also a process, the further development of an idea, taking into account all the adjacent puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are called entrepreneurship, commitment, persistence. It takes a social attitude, an open ear and foresight in order not to ultimately fail due to your own narrow-mindedness. And it takes courage!

Those who can benefit from this courage are all of you, dear reader. The so-called “Silver Society” benefits from a young entrepreneur. It is a matter of give and take. And the economy also benefits from the innovative idea of creating a platform
to create a space in which givers and takers can meet on equal terms. But this is not just about courage, it is also about experience and the exchange of knowledge. Otherwise too much is lost.

Have you been to the newly renovated hall of the Stadtcasino? Have you been able to admire the new organ? The new organ combines centuries-old tradition with the latest digital technology. Personally, I am particularly impressed by the knowledge of how to build an organ. All due respect to the latest technology – for correctly tuned organ pipes in the perfect alloy
Far from industrial production, it requires precision craftsmanship and knowledge.

Or let me tell you about the shoemaker. He has mended almost all of our shoes so far. He has put on new straps and had the right thread for mending. Most recently he even went looking for the right replacement for a pair of my summer shoes so that the shoes looked perfect again. Our heels held up wonderfully after the repair, he mended belts and bags and always used good material. What a loss: he has given up his business. Knowledge and craftsmanship are unfortunately lost.

What I mean by that?

I assume you agree with me: Alexis Weil is a young entrepreneur and he deserves thanks for his courage, his persistence and his innovation with the Seniors@Work idea. He is helping to ensure that knowledge, experience and craftsmanship are preserved. The entire S@W community is now surely keeping its fingers crossed that he comes out on top at the Prix BÂLEnce.

Fingers crossed, dear Alexis!

Beatrice Isler

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