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How is your balance, dear reader? Do you do any sport? Do you do balance exercises? For example, I sometimes try to brush my teeth standing on one leg: not so easy! When my husband had to spend a long time in physiotherapy after a cycling accident, he brought home various exercises that he continues to do diligently. When I have time, I join in. And by the way: the combination of exercise and mental exercise, such as walking in a line while doing backwards calculations at the same time, is a great challenge.

But what does this have to do with Seniors@Work?

It's simple: if we grow older full of energy and want to continue working, it is extremely important to keep fit. The stupid thing is - I think, because I'm not particularly sporty - that fitness doesn't just stay that way, but rather decreases with age. And maintaining fitness is somehow exhausting as you get older.

To succeed in professional life requires strength, stamina and, last but not least, a good mood. Because with a smile and humor, many difficult situations can be resolved. From my experience, I can confirm that if I reach a mental dead end, I go for a walk. That clears my head, distracts me and allows me to get back to the text or work feeling refreshed and rested, and I have also done something for my health. Or I go into the kitchen and cook something delicious and healthy. And both cooking and walking make me feel peaceful and give me the composure I need to deal with dead ends.

I know that as a self-employed person I can allow myself a break in my train of thought by going for a walk. If you're sitting in an office, the only thing you can do is go to the coffee machine, have a chat with a colleague, or get some fresh air at the window.

Dear fellow seniors: I hope you have some tips and tricks for dealing with getting older. I'm actually very curious about how you deal with dead-end situations and how you feel about being an older person in your professional life. Write to us and share your experiences with the Seniors@Work community! Sharing is key!

Beatrice Isler

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