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Note on gender-neutral communication: For reasons of easier readability, we (mostly) use the male form “Senior” in our communication via website, newsletter, social media, brochures, flyers, etc. However, we always mean the female form “Seniorinnen” as well.

General questions

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seniors@work is primarily a placement platform that brings clients (private individuals, companies, start-ups, associations or NPOs, etc.) and motivated candidates over 50 together. For this purpose, we provide the job exchange, the profile database and the contact options via chat on our website.

Clients and candidates contact each other directly via chat and negotiate all general terms and conditions with each other. 

If requested, we take over the payroll and insurance administration for both parties and help retirees, for example, to register as freelancers and thus avoid bogus self-employment. More information here.

Please add our email address “” to your address book. This will ensure that our emails do not end up in your spam folder.

There is an option to “Delete Account” in your account, but remember that this process cannot be undone.

For candidates

Are you still full of energy and want to continue to use your experience and know-how and stay active? Then seniors@work is the right place for you! Here you can create a profile of yourself and your skills in just a few minutes. Clients can then easily find you and hire you for jobs.

As a member, you can also actively search for jobs and also get access to the forum and events.

If you are at least 50 years old and want to continue to be active, then you have already fulfilled all the requirements 🙂

Yes, you can also register if you own your own GmbH. This allows you to receive new orders and projects via seniors@work.

You can register for free and subscribe to a job newsletter. In order to make your profile visible to clients and to be contacted by them, a paid membership is required. The basic membership is available from CHF 59 for six months (i.e. around CHF 10 per month). We recommend a premium membership with more features; you can find more information about our membership models here.

Only with a profile can you be found and contacted by clients! Without a profile, you are invisible on the platform and only use a fraction of the possibilities of seniors@work!

And if you want to apply yourself, you can do so with your profile in just a few clicks, significantly reducing the effort required per application.

Your profile contains the relevant information so that you can present yourself in the best light to clients.

We only ask for information about your experience, knowledge and skills that increase the chances of a successful placement.

Before your profile is published, you can view it and make any necessary adjustments.

You can decide for yourself what you would most like to do - from office work, consulting, accounting, gardening and childcare to driving services. Most candidates offer work in the areas in which they have gained a lot of professional experience. But you can also turn your hobby into a career and, for example, offer your passion for photography for individual assignments. Below you can see in which areas you are most likely to find jobs with us.

You can offer work on an hourly, part-time and project basis. Full-time is also possible, but is rarely requested on our platform.

Seniors@work offers full-time and part-time positions, one-off projects and smaller hourly jobs. The jobs come from over 30 categories, such as accounting, taxes, finance, administration, consulting, coaching, architecture, construction, transport and chauffeur services, trades, childcare, nursing, and much more.

Yes, you can do that at any time! Go to your account and select “Online Profile”. Then click on “Edit” and adjust your profile as desired. Finally, click “Save Changes”.

Communication with clients takes place via the message/chat function on the seniors@work platform. You can agree the general terms and conditions of the order directly with each other. As soon as you receive a new message, we will inform you by email to the email address you provided when registering, and - new for premium members - by SMS.  

If you want to accept individual orders or projects in retirement, you must register as self-employed, for example with your own GmbH or as a freelancer. This is necessary to avoid bogus self-employment.

If you wish, we will be happy to support you in this process and also take care of all invoicing to your client. For these optional services, you will be charged a low fee of 3 percent of your gross salary.

We recommend that you make a written contract with the client, which sets out the most important elements such as salary, payment, workload, place of work, etc.

You negotiate these points directly with the client. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In principle, you are free to choose. As a rough guide, you can use your last monthly salary (net) and divide it by the number of hours you worked at that time. 

Then consider whether you want to charge less or more – the motivations of applicants vary, some want to pass on their knowledge even if they don't earn a lot of money, others with highly specialized knowledge only want to accept selected, lucrative contracts.  

For clients

Do you need short-term support with a project? Is your company experiencing absence due to illness, accident or vacation? Do you need help with your annual tax return or is your child sick and you have to go to work?

At seniors@work you will find motivated and experienced senior talents who will support you in various areas, tailored to your budget.

On the one hand, you can search for suitable senior talents in our profile database and contact your ideal candidate. Or you can write an advert and be contacted by senior talents.

All clients can search the profile database free of charge. There is a small fee for advertising and communicating with candidates.

Further information on the pricing models can be found here:

If you wish, seniors@work will take care of the payroll for you! Reduce the costs and effort involved in hiring senior talent. For a low payroll fee of just 31% of the gross salary, we will take care of all the payroll and insurance administration for you. You can find more information here: 

People who have reached the normal retirement age and are still working only continue to pay contributions to the AHV, IV and EO above a certain amount, but not to the unemployment insurance (ALV). Further information at:

You do not have to pay any contributions for smaller jobs. However, if you hire a senior citizen for a longer period of time or on a recurring basis, you may have to pay social security contributions. You can find more information on the AHV allowance for pensioners here:

In principle, various types of employment can arise: part-time/full-time, project work, seasonal, freelance, work contract, etc. The client and the senior talent individually determine the type of employment.

For smaller jobs, a written employment contract is not necessarily required. However, for longer-term jobs, we recommend creating a written employment contract with the most important points (salary, duration, start date, working hours, etc.).

We would be happy to assist you in drawing up the contract. Contact us via

As a client, you have access to thousands of motivated senior talents. If you want to get to know a senior talent better, contact them via our integrated chat and the talent will write back to you. As easy as a Whatsapp chat.