Almost 10 years ago we founded the O€CO SME network, and I have been president of the association since 2015. The association sees itself as a think tank for everyone who values sustainable environmental, energy and economic policy: SMEs, associations, administrations, institutions, politicians and the public. The association's purpose is to promote ecological and liberal economic policy through a broad, controlled growth network.

For the same amount of time, I have been working for the mebea (mensch I beruf I arbeit) association in Pratteln, which is committed to the integration of people into the workforce - especially in the commercial sector. I have been president of mebea since 2018 and, as a communications consultant, I also handle individual mandates in the areas of politics and business.

I have been interested in communication since I was 23; 45 years have passed since then. In large and small communication agencies, and in particular in my own agency and in politics, it is repeatedly confirmed that you cannot make a Federal Councilor out of a sack of potatoes and a million francs. A well-known Zurich PR consultant is said to have said that this is possible in the early 1970s in the presence of friends - probably after a few bottles of red wine in the Kronenhalle. The fact is that communication has never worked in this way before.

Seniors stand for experience and seriousness
To this day, I advise companies, political representatives, associations and non-profit organizations on the development of strategies and their implementation.

I have never seen products and people sell without a profile. A profile has rough edges. A good profile is created through hard work and processes that often take a long time and can be exhausting.

There are certainly always cases where people with a strong profile slip up. Anyone who enters politics must know that they are entering a slippery terrain. Many high-profile people have had this experience. Even the best profile does not protect against falls.

What can you do about it? You simply stay true to yourself, your goals, your values and your abilities. You stand on both feet and keep your feet on the ground.

Even at 68, I still have a lot of drive. With the support of my life partner and senior partner, I advise companies, politicians, associations and non-profit organizations on developing strategies and implementing them. I am also involved as president of the O€CO SME network and as president of mebea. However, I am also enjoying my (part-time) retirement a little by traveling more often or taking a lazy day.

Stefan Kaister
Kaister Communication
(Kaister & Partners)
Rütimeyerstrasse 3
CH-4051 Basel
Phone +41 61 681 66 66
Mobile +41 79 226 79 89

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