Once upon a time, one Sunday morning after a long Saturday night, I tiredly went into the kitchen - but oh dear, the fridge was empty.

Has this ever happened to you, dear readers? Perhaps when you were younger?

It is precisely these situations that encourage creativity. For the two ladies Claudine Vögelin and Lisa Blessing, this was the starting signal for their start-up company, the Sunday delivery service "Brunchbox". I met the two of them for coffee and they told me about their experiences - or should I say about the box?

The idea came in the winter of 2017, and Claudine and Lisa started in February 2018. They raised the start-up capital via crowdfunding. In this case, start-up capital is needed for the design of the logo, the creation of the boxes, renting a warehouse and, last but not least - explains Lisa - for paying for the goods.

Claudine explains that they have concentrated on regional suppliers who do not have to take any risks. All products are purchased. The two of them gathered information at the Matthäus market. A network of suppliers from Basel and the region has now been spun. From the logo to the cheese, from honey to butter - everything comes from the region, for example from Basel, Allschwil or Metzerlen.

And if there is anything left over?

Claudine and Lisa say that it is difficult to plan precisely. That is why, in the beginning, family and friends were the ones who got the most out of it when there was leftover bread or croissants. Now it is easier to estimate how many orders will come in. And: in the spirit of "stop food waste", they have created the "all in after eleven" box. It is a surprise box for CHF 15 worth CHF 20.

What kind of customers do you have?

Oh, it's a very mixed crowd. Young and old, singles, for example, but also grandparents who have brunch with their grandchildren. Or retired couples. Claudine and Lisa see this because they not only fill and pack the brunch boxes themselves every Sunday. No, they also deliver them themselves, by bike and by car.

I'm amazed! Lisa Blessing and Claudine Vögelin explain that they both have a 50% job, as well as a new shop project and the brunch box. They both actually work around the clock, including on weekends. Holidays? Oh yes... closing the business every now and then, for example over Christmas, is fine. And at the moment they take a break once a month on a Sunday. The most strenuous part is the delivery anyway. They plan to outsource this to a regional delivery service in 2020. They also know that orders are increasing.

And what about the administration?

They are getting great support from a senior citizen for their tax return. They are very happy about it. But they actually need someone to help them draw up a business plan. They know very little about this, but would like to develop the brunch box idea further with the Pausesäggli idea. Perhaps there is someone on the seniors@work platform who knows how to draw up a business plan?

I would like to thank Claudine Vögelin and Lisa Blessing for the insight into their great start-up company and hope that they find a good soul via the seniors@work network who will help them create a business plan.


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