Fast lane?

“In old age, the fast lane is free.” This is what the Swiss author and aphorist Kurt Haberstich says.

For me, the word "fast lane" brings to mind speed, driving at high speeds, and competition. "Fast lane" in connection with "age" doesn't really suit me. I enjoy driving a little slower and more leisurely. Of course, I don't lose sight of staying alert and interested in life. I'm active, do volunteer work, am politically active, and want to meet challenges in some way. But faster?

Getting older has shown me how I can try to maintain my work-life balance. I have tried to question whether everything has to be higher, better, faster - and found that it is not necessary. Do I have to do everything to be part of it? I will never achieve everything I dreamed of. However, there are still many opportunities to take a closer look at old and new things in my life, to try them out and to enjoy them.

The attitude of other senior citizens proves me right: they want to get involved, for example with Seniors@Work, but no longer want to subject themselves to the strict rules of the normal working environment, but would rather pass on their knowledge and know-how on a point-by-point basis. Cherry-picking? So what! Anyone who has been involved in the work process for so many years can look forward to a little more freedom.


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