When is the right time?

An article in the Observer “Allow seniors to participate actively in life” makes the point that senior citizens can become lonely at home. He briefly explains how third parties or relatives can activate, motivate and persuade older people to join an interest group. However, he is talking about playing cards and hiking, not about imparting his own knowledge from his long professional life.

The question remains: when is the right time to get involved in your profession again? Some people need a rest or a break after retirement. How do you find your way back into an active senior life after a break?

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  1. Thomann

    The questions after (early) retirement are probably: How much freedom do I want? Where can I still make a valuable contribution to a community with all the skills I have acquired over the past 60 years? What do I still want to achieve, or would I rather just enjoy life, read, meet friends, go for walks?
    These are my questions at the moment. I'm very excited to see what the future holds! Priska (58)

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