If you look at the Seniors@Work homepage, you will see that Pro Senectute of Basel is listed as a cooperation partner from the very beginning. Pro Senectute is THE specialist and contact point for age-related issues. Over 130 advice centers throughout Switzerland offer a wide range of help and services for older people and their relatives. The growing number of members gives this organization the necessary background to advocate for the needs of older people and to offer them a wide range of opportunities, from social work to educational opportunities.

But now we wanted to know: why is Senectute beider Basel involved in Seniors@Work?

Michael Harr, Managing Director of Pro Senectute, commented as follows:

The new online platform Seniors-at-Work has been in operation since the beginning of November in cooperation with Pro Senectute beider Basel.

Thanks to "Seniors@Work" enables senior citizens to work and promotes exchange between generations. This is why we support Seniors@Work. Thanks to this offer, the professional potential of older, experienced people in our society can be better utilized and the knowledge and experience of older people is better preserved in our society.

Pro Senectute beider Basel is a partner of the online platform because we want to help to promote the happiness and health of seniors by increasing their active participation in society be integrated.

We would like to thank Pro Senectute beider Basel for their trust and look forward to further successful cooperation!





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