Interview with Annelies Greney on 29 April 2019

I'm meeting Annelies Greney for a coffee to start this little interview. I've known Annelies personally for many years. Her commitment to volunteer work brought us together; we did community work together for a few years, Annelies was reliable and she has a sense of humor, which made the often intensive collaboration very pleasant.

Since when are you retired?

Since September 2018.

Do you want to continue working?

I feel fit, I have a lot of professional and life experience. During my last few months at work I looked around. There are lots of opportunities for people who want to get involved. Voluntary and paid. I looked around at dog-sitting, homestead and many other things, but then I signed up for Seniors@Work.

What kind of experiences have you had with Seniors@Work so far?

I saw that my profile had been clicked on over 100 times and I received an offer once. But I declined it.

Why did you reject this offer?

The offer included a fixed number of hours per week for a long period of time, for months. But I have been firmly integrated into working life for over 40 years. I no longer need such a tight corset. I would prefer to work on specific, short-term assignments.

How does it go from here?

I'm waiting and am curious to see if an offer comes along that fits my profile.

“I am open to many things,” says Annelies Greney and laughs her friendly laugh.

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