Interview with Hanspeter Kraft on 7 May 2019

Since the start of the “GGG Digi-Coach” project in December 2018, Hanspeter Kraft has been working one afternoon a week at the Gundeldingen library on Tellplatz. He receives people seeking advice and advises them on computers, programs, cell phones, tablets, online forms and much more.

Hanspeter Kraft is a retired mathematician from the University of Basel. His connection to the digital world has lasted throughout his entire professional life. He explains that as a GGG Digi-Coach you should not only have an affinity for today's technology - you also have to like people. The topics are varied, he advises not only senior citizens, younger men and women also come to him.

It is important to him to remove the uncertainty of those seeking advice and to strengthen their confidence in their own knowledge. Sometimes he closes elementary gaps in order to get people out of a defensive position towards the digital world. He lets everyone do it themselves, just sits there and advises. And he smiles: Women are a bit braver! They are more likely to dare to ask questions.




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