If a person has spent their whole life passionately doing work that was not only a job but also a calling, then retirement is certainly not easy. I can understand the need to continue to contribute the knowledge they have acquired to society. Of course, there are various opportunities for voluntary work in different professional groups. But luck and the right network of contacts are also part of this.

Seniors@Work has created a platform that everyone has access to. This is basically a sympathetic approach. The idea is that private individuals, companies and associations advertise jobs that are carried out by senior citizens. On the other hand, it is also a balancing act. As useful as employment and appreciation for "seniors" who are willing to work is, it would be critical if the regular labor market were to be competed with free or cheap labor without complying with the legal requirements that apply to other providers. In concrete terms - if the offer were to endanger the jobs of people with low incomes or older employees in the "normal" economy.

Seniors@Work is obviously aware of this danger. Founder Alexis Weil stresses that only jobs that would never come about in the normal job market should be carried out. We hope that Seniors@Work succeeds in this balancing act as well as possible. One indicator of this could certainly be the regularity and type of work.

If the separation from the regular labor market is successful, then Seniors@Work can become a success story – we wish the startup all the best.

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