Holidays for seniors?

I was on holiday, even though I am already retired and, as is often said, "always on holiday". Prompted by a comment from Alexis Weil, the founder of Seniors@Work, I started to think about it. Do seniors even need holidays?

There are pensioners who stay at home. They appreciate being able to stick to their everyday routine, always knowing exactly what to expect and feeling safe in their familiar surroundings. In the best case scenario, they have seen a lot of the world and are now enjoying the familiar, the feeling of being at home.

There are pensioners who go on holiday to the same place every year, the same hotel, the same campsite, the same hikes and excursions. You meet people there, you know each other, you are recognised in the shops and restaurants and greeted with joy. A mini challenge with guaranteed value.

And there are pensioners who face new challenges, travel to new countries, and have to find their way in a completely different environment. The language is different, perhaps even new, the food is different, the culture is something foreign. That is exhausting, but also stimulating.

Dear reader, I know it is a little exaggerated. But if you are reading these lines: what type of holidaymaker are you?

I am one of those senior citizens who like to travel. I like to discover new places every now and then. It doesn't have to be America, the South Seas or India; no, Switzerland and Europe with their many beautiful destinations are enough for me. I am in the fortunate position of being able to afford this now. When the children were small, the budget was also minimal. So we concentrated on inexpensive holidays in holiday apartments, with picnics and hikes - and we were no less happy. But now - I admit it - I enjoy the vastness that travel opens up. New places, new countries, other languages, getting your bearings, trying new things, soaking up culture, but also getting to know nature: all of this is very appealing to me. Admittedly, it is often a challenge. But it not only increases my flexibility, broadens my perspective, it also strengthens my feeling of home, because I always love going home, back to everyday life.

Best regards



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