….says a proverb from Nigeria

What does “age” mean to you, dear reader?

The French woman Jeanne Calment is officially named as the oldest person in the world. She lived from February 21, 1875 to August 4, 1997, making her age over 122. A man lives on the island of Java who is said to be 145 years old. Even older men have been reported from Nigeria and Ethiopia. However, these figures are not reliable.

But let's move away from the competitive spirit. It's not about who wins this "age contest". I'm interested in the idea of active aging. The life expectancy of women and men is constantly increasing. In Switzerland, it has doubled since 1875: women live to an average age of 85, men to an average age of 83. Good hygiene, a good health system, a balanced diet and fitness appropriate to our age are certainly factors that contribute to us living longer than we used to. And of course, you can't put everything under the same umbrella. People with physically demanding jobs probably feel "used up" more quickly - although people who have to sit a lot at work should definitely look to balance things out.

Sometimes I have the feeling that our world is not really designed for old people. But our older fellow citizens are a kind of "grab bag" that we have to open and take a look at. The knowledge, the experience, the life will tumble out and amaze the younger generations.

Sometimes I ask myself whether it is actually desirable to live to a very old age. But when I read or see articles about it, I have to smile. Yes, I think it is worth it if you remain curious, cultivate mindfulness, use your mind, and occasionally convert your fitness into sore muscles. And above all, if you are at the beginning of aging...

… but when does this beginning actually begin?

Good: when you start to age - from around the age of 60 - you don't let yourself be pushed out of your career, you get involved in society and simply stay active. Like you and me, dear fan community of Seniors@Work! Stay tuned! And show that you are still needed in the world of work! Let companies know what you can do and how much experience you have! And to balance things out, you can do a little yoga with Aileen Ash.

Video about Aileen Ash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQzzS6M4HOI

Stay healthy!

Beatrice Isler

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  1. vhilti@bluewin.ch

    “Aging is incurable…” – Diseases can be cured. Aging is not an illness, but a natural, multifaceted process and does not begin at 60 or at risk. Shaping your own life, taking care of yourself, being active, getting involved, taking your place in society, finding your way, etc. are demanding tasks in different phases of life. I also admire the senior citizens, as well as “normal people” who actively and dignifiedly strive to do so – as long as this is possible. In my view, seniorswork, among others, makes valuable contributions to this.

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