Have you already heard or read it? The National Council does not want to be "stingy" when it comes to a bridging pension for unemployed people over 60 who have exhausted their benefits, but rather wants to use this pension to help people without work.

That's great, isn't it? There is a federal law on bridging benefits for older unemployed people, as one of seven measures to "solve the problem". The aim is to cover the minimum subsistence level. It was found that the social assistance rate in the age group between 56 and 64 years has increased by 47 percent.

SP National Councillor Barbara Gysi said: "Those affected face an old age of uncertainty rather than a dignified old age." Of course, older unemployed people have worked for years, paid taxes and contributed their know-how. This bridging pension is intended to create prospects.

Please don’t misunderstand me, dear reader of this blog.

But hand on heart: can prospects be bought with money?

Of course, with more money you have more opportunities for excursions, shopping, going to the theater, culture and socializing - perhaps. But wouldn't the right perspective be to have a job in which you are valued, in which you can contribute and prove yourself? Shouldn't the economy get involved here? Shouldn't the economy be given incentives to take on older employees? Shouldn't the economy recognize that older employees are generally very valuable? After all, they are committed, they are unlikely to change jobs (in economic terms, a change of personnel is calculated as a whole year's salary), they bring know-how with them, they no longer get pregnant...

If I were a member of the National Council, I would vote for this law "Yes but…" I hope that fewer money worries will encourage older unemployed people to apply for more jobs. But I would really like to give the economy a boost. Oh, how I would love to do that!

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