Why is age just a number to you?

The number of years I have lived is connected to neither a thought nor an image that I could feel personally meant by. i am old yes I have a lot of life experience, yes. But I already had that when I was 20. I already carried the entire cosmos of my childhood within me. Only, being so young, I wasn't able to put together what I had experienced. It took a tremendous effort on my part to understand and digest, and 'ate up' a few years of my life. But then I was still young, although I had undergone a profound transformation, a maturing process. Maturation continues, is never complete as long as I'm awake and alert throughout the day.

Age in society is associated with many superficial clichés that try to categorize us. give it up A human life cannot be squeezed into a statistic, every life is unique. Today, as a senior citizen, I am simply the person who, since my birth, has been looking at the world through my eyes and absorbing, feeling, experiencing, processing and deciding for this or that through my body, my senses and my thinking.

What do you like most/least about aging?

I felt resistance because of the fact that a state mechanism determines that I will retire at a certain moment in my life. The perceived relief of finally being able to stop working doesn't apply to me, and involuntary retirement just isn't a concept that fits my resume and sensibilities. I like working, still.

What I like best is the freedom I have today to create every day and that the pressure to make money has eased.

What tip would you like to pass on to the younger generation?

Happiness lies in being connected to what is inside you in what you are doing on the outside. So my tip: Connect with your inner self and follow what you find there if you feel unhappy, empty or disoriented.

Why do you want to continue doing something meaningful?

To be active means to be alive. I don't like the way society is divided into age categories. I would prefer to see public life as a large market of supply and demand in which I can participate, which means give and take - and thus be integrated to the end.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

I somehow have a longing in me for rural life, although like most Swiss I'm used to city life and mental work. I wish there were farms, a modern form of farms on a cooperative basis, where anyone could live temporarily or part-time, volunteer and work, regardless of social class, age and background.

What would you like to say to the seniors@work team?

I would like to thank the seniors@work team for this platform and the opportunity to reconnect in this way. Is there perhaps a specific need for seniors….?

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