Have you ever typed the word "seniors" into Google? In 41 seconds, this Internet provider gives me around 82 million (82,000,000!) results.

I had to smile when I saw that at the top of the list was a “single seniors” dating site. A dating agency, in other words. Then of course there are the usual keywords like “Senior – Wikipedia” or “SeniorBasel” or “Older Basel: Home” and even “SeniorenUNI”.

If you click through, you will come to interesting pages much later, such as "Seniors Greifensee" or "Seniors Würenlingen". Frutigen has its own page for senior citizens, the Central Swiss Football Association mentions the keyword, and even "vacancies for senior citizens" are advertised. Büsingen, Geuensee, Kreuzlingen and all the other places are listed online with the word "seniors". You can even find travel companies: special offers for older people are apparently in demand. An automobile association offers driving courses for senior citizens, you can also learn to play golf as a senior citizen, and ice skating is very good for senior citizens in the Rhine Valley! The Northwest Switzerland tariff association offers courses for "being and staying mobile" and, last but not least, the Swiss political parties are currently also vying for older people.

And I definitely had to laugh when I found several entries under the label “Seniors 30+”! I’m going to pass this on to my children!


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